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Why buy at Balvine?

West facing Lots

Great for sunsets

250ft above sea level

Cool breezes and no sand flies

Government approved Sub-Division

Saves you the hassle of getting permissions

Services supplied

Saves the cost of bringing water, electricity etc

One mile from Ross Medical University

Great opportunities to rent to faculty staff

Only two miles from Portsmouth

Dominica's 2nd town

Mourne Balvine behind the Lots

Home to Dominica's Jacko parrots

Reasonably priced Lots

Prices start at only EC$10 per sq ft

Several documents are available for you to download and read.  Just "click" to start transfer...

Why Retire To Dominica?

Legal Processes of Buying Land

Background Info about Dominica

LIAT magazine article

Incomer's Phone Guide to Picard Notice of Approval for Subdivision
White Paper on "Residence Tourism"  
Some Tips About Moving  

Government White Paper on "Residence Tourism"

Some Tips about Moving To Dominica



Some photos taken by wildlife expert Keith Channing during his visit to Balvine in early 2005.